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A 23 year old exotic dancer is dead and friends say the man accused of killing her is the manager of the hotel where she worked.

Those same friends identify the victim as Jessica Riopelle. Late Sunday night police laid a charge of second degree murder against Patric Dunac, 34.

In a terrible twist of fate, Riopelle was a childhood friend of Scott Ledoux, who Ottawa's third homicide victim of 2011 on Friday, March 18 when he was stabbed to death at a house party in Orleans. She Buy Viagra Online Cheap had attended his funeral in Orleans last week just a few days before she herself was killed.

Her body was discovered in the Saade International Inn, a motel attached to Diamonds Cabaret strip club and All Win Chinese restaurant in South Gloucester, at 5023 Bank St. Saturday.

Police said Boldenone Buy Usa there were obvious signs of violence at the scene but the cause of death can't be confirmed until after an autopsy, which happens Monday.

Dunac, 34, appeared in Ottawa court Monday and was remanded in custody pending a psychiatric evaluation.

Friend Natalie Desjardins has known Riopelle since the pair were 12 years old. They didn't get along at first, but developed Testosterone Powder Benefits a strong bond over the years.

They both were dancers at the Diamonds Cabaret, Methenolone Enanthate Results but Desjardins quit some time ago, lasting only a week and a half there. Desjardins said Dunac was "the main reason I stopped working Buy Kamagra Uk Paypal there."

Desjardins is haunted by a phone call she received from Riopelle two weeks ago.

"She sounded drunk or high on something," she said. "She said she needed somewhere to stay Cheap Kamagra Fast and I told her my door is always open."

Desjardins had taken her friend in several times before, sometimes for a few days, a few weeks, and once about three months.

"Next thing I hear is that she's dead," said Desjardins. "She didn't have much money and I told her she could stay and eat here for free. Until she got herself back on her feet."

Desjardins said despite her situation, Riopelle was a successful student at Algonquin.

Another friend, Syl Houle, said Riopelle had been staying Best Viagra Pills Uk with he and his wife, and their two children for about two weeks.

"This is all just brutally shocking at this point," said Houle.

Boyfriend turned friend Rolly Champagne was up all night, after hearing the news Sunday morning.

"This is a total shock to me," he said. "We will all miss her badly. She was an amazing person, never meant harm to anyone."

"I always had big feelings for Jess. She felt other people's pain at Buy Viagra Online Cheap Uk times, even made it her own the biggest hearted person. I always like being around her, she made me happy."


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